LED Lighting for Caravans, Motorhomes & Boats

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Light Source: 5pcs SMD 5050 LED

Colour: Warm White  

Excellent product replacement for 10W tungsten.

Less than 1W of power!

Average Lifespan 50,000 hours

Order Code G4512V

£2.25 for 2pcs
including P&P


Light Source: 15pcs SMD 5050 LED

Colour: Warm White  

Perfect for Ceiling fittings.

Average Lifespan 50,000 hours

Order code G41512V

£2.50 for 2pcs
including P&P

Light Source: 26pcs SMD 5050 LED

Colour: Warm White  

Perfect for High power applications!

Average Lifespan 50,000 hours

Order code G42612V

£2.99 for 2pcs
including P&P

Operating temperature -40 to +70°C Certification CE, RoHS No UV or IR Radiation Low power consumption Low heat output 

_____________LED Lighting____________

This is a local service installation within my catchment area. 

This installation shows diffused LED lighting at the front of a caravan. 

While the spotlights on the left and right use traditional 10W Tungsten filament bulbs, 
totalling 20W using approximately 1.6A of current , the LED system in the centre uses less than 
1A (at full light output) of current - check out the light output difference - now that's impressive! 
More light output and more battery life! 

Use the dimmable function and you'll create more ambience and use even less power (typically 50% light output less than 0.5A, 25% light output and you'll achieve less than 0.25A of current used) 

LED lighting system.  

Customised sizes available.

  Give your vehicle a lighting upgrade.

Fully dimmable and remote controlled systems.

Warm White and Cool White systems as standard.

Existing electrical supply utilised.

Separate circuits installed.

Motorhome fitted with cool white LED lighting for maximum area lighting when reading

Bailey caravan fitted with diffused cool white LED lighting

Swift caravan fitted with front, side, kitchen and washroom warm white LED lighting